Friday, June 21, 2013

General Grievous

  This General Grievous utilizes the universal fold to make a realistic General Grievous mask. In fact, if you use a really big sheet of paper and cut holes, it can become an origami costume. Body not included.
  This was based off of a failed Darth Paper. It lacks the four arms or any type of body, but it looks realistic and cool once it's done.

Origami Info:
Proportions: 1/4 or 1/2 horizontal sheet of paper
Colors: White/white
Puppetable: Yes
Standable: No
Highlight: Head
Pocketable: Yes

Start by folding the paper like this.
Now fold the corners out.
Fold down. Don't worry if the head is bigger than the finger pocket. It's supposed to be.
Fold these corners back. See it yet?
Now for the fang thingies. Flip and fold the bottom up.
Now fold this corner back...
..then the other.
It's done!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Origami Mandalorian

This fold is based off of something I saw from a fake book cover. Maybe it's the same one. Either way, I'm sure Tom hasn't posted instructions. So here it is. Tell me what I'm missing.

Origami Info:
Proportions: 1/4 or 1/4 square sheet of 8"-11" paper
Colors: Gray/Gray
Puppetable: Yes
Standable: Yes
Highlight: T-window
Pocketable: Yes

First fold Darth Paper step one like last post, the Star Destroyer.
Then flip fold up halfway.
Fold sides in.
Flip and fold down.
Fold up to make a zigzag pleat.
Fold top down behind helmet like this.
Fold back corners of helmet.
Fold back corners of window and it's Jango!
Color it where needed.

Monday, June 10, 2013

First Post

  Welcome to That is Japanese for awesome fold. I hope that you find my folds awesome! I also hope you like Star Wars, because a lot of my folds are Star Wars.
  I know that the first blog post should be longer than thirty-three words, so I'm just going to put a link to my favorite origami (Star Wars) site,, and instructions on how to fold an Imperial Star Destroyer.

Origami Info
Proportions: 1/2 horizontally or 1/4 sheet 8"-11" paper
Colors: Light gray/Light gray
Flyable: No
Standable: Yes
Highlight: Bridge
Pocketable: Yes

First you want to decide if you want a Star Destroyer or a Super Star Destroyer. The steps are the same, it's just a size difference.
Next fold in half and into thirds and unfold. It should look like this.
Next fold the bottom like a paper airplane, but leave a gap.
I like to call this Darth Paper Step One, after Tom Angleberger's fold featured in book two of the Origami Yoda series.
Next fold up like this.
Flip it over and fold side over.
Now unfold and fold corner along the crease.
Fold back in and repeat steps on other side.
Fold side.
Now fold the back corner.
Repeat on other side and flip over.
Fold back halfway...
Now fold down halfway...
Crease in half...
It's a Star Destroyer!
If you cut the paper lengthwise instead and fold it differently in the back it also turns into the Invisible Hand.
Thanks to my friend Jensen who basically took my random piece of folded paper, gave it to me and let me tweak it. I should really give him credit for, like, 97 percent of it.